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At Up North Bike Rentals, your ongoing safety and health are always a top priority.


All rental equipment is fully disinfected after each rental use following CDC standards, with great attention given to high-touch areas.  We use MATPRO® by MATGUARD® Complete Surface Disinfectant. This highly effective formula meets CDC recommended criteria and allows for complete disinfecting, deodorizing, and sanitizing of all hard surfaces.  Rental equipment is only returned to available rental inventory once it has been cleaned.    


Helmets are provided to all customers and are fully disinfected after each rental use. We use MATGUARD® Helmet and Pad Disinfectant Spray.  This patented 75% isopropyl formula is EPA and FDA registered, bleach free, non-irritating, safe on skin, and dries quickly.  Used helmets are keep in a separate bin until they have been cleaned.


We perform regular maintenance, inspections, and safety checks on our rental equipment. 


In addition to being properly maintained, rest assured that your rental equipment has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

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